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Aniboxx – Second Cohort Export Champion


Animation advertising agency

Location: Kent/London
Company website:
Sectors: Creative Industries & Media

Aniboxx is a multi-award winning animation advertising agency based in London that creates forward-thinking animated video ads tailored to each clients’ target audience. They are a dynamic team of animators and video geeks with a combined 25 years of experience in the production industry who take inspiration from all around them to engage audiences for both global and local campaigns. Aniboxx’s expertise includes 3D and 2D animation, claymation, infographics and video marketing consultancy.

Aniboxx already have a huge range of experiences with a diverse clientele, having worked with all types of companies and brands – from startups, charities and causes to big multinational brands like Google and Skype. Key to this demand has been a driving focus not only on content and production but also on exposure and dissemination, helping clients to showcase their video everywhere that their audience is: on newsletters, blogs and social media.

With plans to begin creating original content, open their first overseas office in the Commonwealth in the next three years, and recruitment plans in Malaysia and India, Aniboxx are primed to become a leading Export Champion. CommonwealthFirst will also work to develop Aniboxx’s contacts in Nigeria and Australia.


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