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Birmingham Airport – Second Cohort Export Champion


Providing goods and services (food, transportation, shopping)

Location: Birmingham
Company website:
Sectors: Design & Engineering


Birmingham Airport is at the centre of the Midlands Engine and plugs the region into international opportunities. The Airport actively promotes international trade, inward investment, tourism and research links and handles 12 million passengers a year. In 2014, the Airport delivered approximately £1.1 billion to the regional economy and £1.7 billion to the national economy making it integral to the region’s ambition to grow its economy by £86bn. Birmingham Airport has established partnerships with JLR, Rolls Royce Engines and other leading manufacturers for SME supplier chains for international trade.

In galvanising existing synergies with the Midlands Engine, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and corporate partners, Birmingham Airport will host and deliver legacy-based links for British SME’s across the world, particularly in Commonwealth countries. Working with UK Embassies and Consulates of Commonwealth Countries in the UK, the Airport will invest in creating a true trade, inward investment, tourism and research hub for the Commonwealth.

CommonwealthFirst will support Birmingham Airport in creating a Midlands base that connects SME’s throughout the UK and Commonwealth.


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