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BOXARR Ltd – Second Cohort Export Champion


Interdependent Systems Software

Location: Bristol
Company website:
Sectors: Engineering, Manufacturing, Science

The burgeoning complexity and inter-dependency within and between ‘systems’ is one of the most significant challenges facing humanity. Organisations which fail to effectively manage their complexity are increasingly susceptible to hidden and compounding risks, which can have critical impacts on their operational performance.

BOXARR is a software platform and methodology for collaboratively managing complex inter-dependency, at ‘real-world’ scale.

Users can collaboratively build and manage digital models of complex systems across their enterprise – such as organisational structures & operational processes, systems-engineering and integration, program planning, supply-chains, sustainment strategies, etc.; at scales of granularity which reflect the true complexity of their systems.

BOXARR is already helping to optimise the operational performance and resilience of leading aerospace, defence and commercial enterprises, and public sector organisations around the world. We are actively building a global network of Alliance Partners, who deliver consultancy and managed-services to customers around the BOXARR platform.

Our partnership with CommonwealthFirst will be instrumental in enabling BOXARR to further its reach into customers across the Commonwealth, and build regional capability through partnerships with local consultancies and service providers.


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