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Cognitiv+ Ltd – Second Cohort Export Champion


Artificial Intelligence platform enabling legal insights from your data

Location: London
Company website:
Sectors: Finance, Technology & Legal


Cognitiv+ provides legal and regulatory analytics to law firms, companies and consultancies enabling them to understand and act upon their compliance obligations using artificial intelligence. Cognitiv+ automate repetitive tasks and provide regulatory and compliance intelligence based on the content of a company’s policies and contracts tailored to the company’s requirements providing actionable insights.

Its system crawls thousands of legislation lines and mines each clients’ contracts and policies to structure sets of meaningful data, targeting the information required based on the company’s content, cleansing it in a format that the “relevant” and “important” information is segregated from the rest.

Cognitiv+’s Artificial Intelligence Engine is trained not only to identify topics of interest in unstructured text, but also identify relationships between topics, events, companies and obligations through state of the art techniques (both Machine Learning & Rule-based).

The company aims to represent an important movement within the sets of finance tech, legal tech and regeneration tech start-ups that have started developing to combat similar issues.

CommonwealthFirst will give added exposure to Cognitiv+ within the Commonwealth and prioritise other markets that have open legislation data.


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