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Den – Second Cohort Export Champion


Smart Homes

Location: London
Company website:
Sectors: Manufacturing & Technology

Led by charismatic young entrepreneur Yasser Khatak, Den are seeking to revolutionise the basic light switch and plug socket, all around the world. The company’s switches and sockets can be controlled manually just like ordinary switches, but can also be controlled and monitored remotely, via an app, from anywhere in the world.

Den are currently the only company providing wireless light switches and plug sockets that have not taken anything away from the original user experience, they have retained the familiar rocker switch, where its competitors have all replaced this with a touch pad or buttons. Its technology is far superior to any of its competitors, and offers added features such as providing notifications if an iron or hair straighter has been left on.

Yasser conceived the idea for Den while he was studying for his GCSE’s. When he was 19 years old, he went on to raise £1.2m in seed funding, received international publicity from the likes of the Financial Times, Bloomberg TV, Sky News, The Guardian, and many others. Yasser then went on to building a world class team, including Bob Watkins who was previously MD and CEO at Amstrad. Den will be launching their products onto the UK market in the summer of 2017.

Den is transforming an industry with the potential to scale across the globe whilst having a hugely positive impact on the environment as well as providing safety and security in the home.

CommonwealthFirst will support Den in launching this mission into new Commonwealth markets around the world.


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