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Everledger – First Cohort Export Champion



Blockchain registry for diamonds and other high value goods

Location: London
Company website: http://www.everledger.io/
Sector: Finance, Technology




Founded by Leanne Kemp in 2015 Everledger is a global, digital ledger that tracks and protects diamonds and other valuable goods on their lifetime journey. Using blockchain technology, Everledger provides verification in markets where provenance matters.

Over the last year Everledger has developed relationships with major players in the global diamond industry and digitally certified over 1 million diamonds. By creating a digital record of an asset on the blockchain, Everledger provides a clear audit trail to be used by multiple stakeholders throughout the diamond supply chain to prove an item’s authenticity, ownership and existence.

Everledger’s technology offers solutions to the significant challenges companies dealing in the trade of high value goods face globally. From blood diamonds mined out of Africa, to theft, fraud and the selling of counterfeit items internationally, Everledger aims to use its technology to underpin a system of transparency and trust in global trade.

Beyond diamonds, Everledger has extended its technology to fine art, wine and luxury goods.

CommonwealthFirst will work with Everledger to deliver on this important work, reaching further into Africa, India and Australian markets to provide unmatched protection of provenance.


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