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CommonwealthFirst is a major new initiative to help SME’s trade and invest across the Commonwealth.

Over three years, 100 leading UK SMEs will be selected to become Commonwealth Export Champions. Export Champions will be provided with unique access and support in their quest to win new business in the fast growing Commonwealth markets. Their success will be showcased as an encouragement to the wider UK business community.

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Hive Education

Established to tackle some of the most pressing challenges faced in education, Hive Education is launching a range of bleeding edge technologies, which create space on the timetable and allow students in diverse classrooms to engage with learning on a level playing field. Two launch products include:

Intelligent Uniforms: Hive is partnering with one of the world’s largest uniform suppliers to embed tracking chips in school and workplace uniforms. When connected with long-range sensors in the school or workplace, the uniforms allow you to monitor students and colleagues as they move around your buildings.

There is no longer a need to take registers in schools (saving half an academic year in a secondary education) or workplaces such as hotels, factories and office blocks. During fire or security drills and events you know where everyone is. If a child disappears from the school premises, or does not arrive, both school and parents will know in an instance.

Multilingual Translation: Hive has produced a suit of translation technologies which allow multilingual audiences to understand and speak in the language of tuition or presentation. ‘Translated’ translates Word and Powerpoint documents into over 60 languages whilst maintaining their appearance and format. ‘Multilingual’ provides live translations for the spoken voice which can be converted into one or several languages in seconds. Technologies which add significant value in multilingual classrooms, presentations, and which have significant opportunity within the travel and tourism sector.

Commonwealth First will work with this rapidly expanding enterprise to help them expand their existing presence in India and other Commonwealth markets.