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Saturn Bioponics – Second Cohort Export Champion


Hydroponic methods and three dimensional crop production

Location: Birmingham
Company website:
Sector: Agriculture

Saturn Bioponics provides crop production systems which improve profitability by increasing yields and reducing labour and resource costs. The company combines hydroponic methods and three-dimensional crop production to increase yields by 3 to 4 times per unit of land. The company also delivers high-value IP to optimise productivity and quality, through expert guidance and provision of advanced nutrients.

This award winning technology is the first commercially viable 3D growing system, proven by some of the UK’s leading commercial crop growers who are using the system for leafy salads, vegetables, strawberries and herbs. Over 6 years of R&D and trials have delivered a system that optimises crop production in a way that is user-friendly and practical, cost-effective and sustainable. The system and its know-how are truly innovative and revolutionise cultivation of a variety of crops worldwide.

Saturn Bioponics are getting more requests from all over the world and its technology offers a payback of generally less than three years.

CommonwealthFirst are delighted to be working with this exciting company and look forward to helping spread its ground-breaking techniques into markets across all Commonwealth regions.


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