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ThinkingSafe Limited – First Cohort Export Champion




Innovative cyber security solutions ThinkingSafe Limited creates secure, sustainable solutions for connecting people, systems and devices

Location: Egham
Company website:
Sector: Technology


ThinkingSafe protects key Information, Personnel and Systems from cyber-attacks, using the latest research in cyber security technology and behavioural science. They are recognised by the UK Government and Ministry of Defence as a leading Cyber Security Technology innovator. They work with internationally renowned academics from the University of Warwick Cyber Security Centre and the Royal Holloway University of London Information Security Group. They have developed a unique suite of products and services to help businesses manage the security of their cyber environment.

Personnel Shield uses real time psycholinguistic analysis to identify individuals who are at risk of insider threat behaviours before an incident occurs. Its highly secure technology exploits cutting edge research on the nature of insider threats, developed for the UK Ministry of Defence. Personnel Shield provides visibility over psycholinguistic indicators common to insider threats that are outside the employee’s usual patterns of behaviour, supporting corporate oversight and governance proportionate to the risk and compliant with relevant legislation.

Information Shield enables forensically auditable secure collaboration within and beyond the enterprise. It allows you to secure confidential information using encrypted containers, which may then be shared securely within and across organisations. Information Shield secures regulatory compliance, dramatically reducing the risk of financial penalties under national and international regulations.

ThinkingSafe are committed to reducing their customers’ risk of exposure to cyber-crime, by developing innovative solutions that protect people, information and technology. Commonwealth First looks forward to working with the company to expand this important work out to other Commonwealth markets and governments.


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