Winch Energy Limited – Third Cohort Export Champion


Off-grid renewable energy developer

Location: Kent
Company website:
Sectors: Engineering, Technology & Finance

Winch Energy is a global, off-grid renewable energy developer that brings a combination of solar design and construction expertise – providing sustainable, wired access to power off-grid communities, industries and infrastructures at cost-effective rates.
Winch’s primary product is its containerized PV-battery solution with mini-grid and smart meters. This proprietary technology, called the Remote Power Unit® (RPU®), is an innovative, containerised off-grid solution designed to provide power and communications to communities, social services and industries that currently are situated in rural environments and are relying on kerosene, diesel or intermittent and unreliable power from the grid.

Winch combines engineering, development, commercial and in country expertise to create change in rural African communities. It is at the forefront in the PV micro grid industry and one of the only sub-Saharan African focused off-grid power providers in the UK. Furthermore, whilst Winch is a for-profit organisation, its RPUs create permanent, positive change to the lives of thousands in sub-Saharan Africa and has the potential to revolutionise the entire region and elsewhere. They are striving for global sustainable development and the creation of durable prosperity.

We are delighted to be supporting Winch and their important work in off-grid communities, particularly with introductions to governments, suppliers and funders in Ghana, Zambia and other African markets.


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