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July Export Champion Interview Spotlight

In July’s monthly round up of Export Champion interviews we learn more about healthy water crackers, fish and chip equipment, and innovative 3D virtual world and cloud solutions.

Interview | Nicola Herbertson | CEO

 How did you hear about the CWF programme and what made you apply?

I applied to join the first cohort as we have always seen the commonwealth as a key market for our innovative products and services. When I got the email about the opportunity to apply to join the second cohort, I reapplied because of the growing awareness and interest in our innovative and socially responsible 3D virtual reality…


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Interview | Victoria Hopkins | Managing Director

 What are the most crucial things you have done to grow and develop your business?

We have spent the past few years investing in our manufacturing department both with new machinery and implementing a Lean culture – which resulted in increasing our production capacity by 20%. I am a advocate of innovation and now we have the right foundations in place we are able to not only develop our existing business but look at diversifying into new markets…




Read full interview at: http://www.commonwealthfirst.org/export-champions/profiles/hopkins-catering-equipment-ltd


Interview | Abby Smith | Sales Manager

Where would you like your business to be in 5 years time?

In 5 years time we would like to have doubled the size of the business including having established a US office. It’s important to us that in 5 years time the Rakusen’s & Bonn’s brand have a base of distribution Canada & Australia from which we can grow. Another key aim for the next 5 years to establish a string name for Rakusen’s as a Gluten free supplier both in the UK & abroad. This is something we’ve been doing well for 30 years & need to shout about more…

Read full interview at: http://www.commonwealthfirst.org/export-champions/profiles/rakusens-ltd


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