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Ray Bird, Early Bird Ventures, Export Champion Interview

Ray Bird, Director

What are the biggest trade and export challenges you face?
One of the biggest challenges we face dealing virtually only online is credibility. Again, dealing with customers, who maybe on the other side of the world requires a great deal of trust. A benefit of our product is that a new customer can try our product for just a few pounds. In addition, our eBay shop has helped us to gain credibility further afield as the customer is covered by the ebay guarantees. Once the customer has tried our service & wants larger quantities or a more customised shopping experience, our office & our website serves them well, at their convenience.

How did the idea for your business come about?
20 years ago I helped a manufacturer of metal Sealing washers ‘break’ into the UK market, selling virtually exclusively to the larger wholesalers . However, times have changed: garages no longer focus on single make vehicles, car manufacturers have been bought and sold and many manufacturers install other manufacturers engines. The upshot of all these factors is that garages don’t know which parts they need, don’t necessarily need a large quantity of any one part as they now repair whatever comes through the doors that day, and finally don’t know how to get the parts quickly and efficiently. This is particularly true of our export markets, where even the main dealers don’t have the essential parts. This is where we help, offering an ecommerce solution, advice, guidance and delivery worldwide.

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