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Jonathan Newman, Giving Tree Ventures, Export Champion Interview

Jonathan Newman, Managing Director

Jonathan Newman, Managing Director

What exactly is vacuum frying and freeze drying, and is it healthy?
Freeze drying is a process whereby the fruit is frozen and the moisture is removed via a vacuum. This means 100% of the nutritional content is retained without the need for preservatives. Vacuum frying is a process whereby the vegetables are fried at a very low temperature in a small amount of healthy rice bran oil.  At this temperature, lee oil is absorbed and the nutritional content is retained due to the temperature.

How did the idea for your business come about?
On my travels to the US I noticed how big the freeze dried snack category was. In the UK it’s virtually non-existent. Freeze drying is a brilliant process that preserves the nutritional content leaving a really light, crispy and most importantly, healthy snack without the need of preservatives or added sugar.

How do you ensure the best taste and what’s your most popular product?
Strawberry followed by broccoli. Getting the taste and the texture right took a lot of work and development.  It starts with picking the perfect fruit and veg at the optimum ripeness.  Then it is about timing and temperature. A lot of freeze dried fruit can taste like polystyrene packaging – just air.  However ours is bursting with flavour and has a light crispy texture.

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