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Gerard Rubio and Triambak Saxena, Kniterate, Export Champion Interview


Gerard Rubio and Triambak Saxena, Co-Founders, Kniterate

How did the idea for your business come about?
Kniterate is the brainchild of Gerard Rubio, who four years ago started OpenKnit, an open-source knitting machine. The project went viral thanks to its video “Made in the Neighbourhood”. In the fall of 2015 it was selected to be part of HAX, the world’s first and largest hardware accelerator, in Shenzhen, China. The spring of 2017 we did a Kickstarter campaign in which we raised $636K in crowdfunded finance.

Kniterate is a great innovative product of the future. What sort of impact are you hoping to have?
We want to change the current supply chain model of the garment industry. At the moment retailers ship garments half across the world and end up with excess stock, which then they are forced to mark down, or even worse, throw away. With Kniterate clothing is made locally and on demand, and because it’s made to shape there’s no waste due to cutting fabrics.

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