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Reusable and tamper evident bags


Chris Garner, Versapak, Export Champion Interview

chris garner

Chris Garner, Sales and Marketing Director

What trends in your industry have you seen over recent years?
The trend for reusable packaging is growing. The problems of throw-away packaging are growing. Firstly in the up front purchase costs, but secondly in the additional costs in ordering, storing and then disposing of the throw away envelopes etc. Additionally, many corporations are moving to Versapak as part of their corporate environment and sustainability strategy.

How did the idea for your business come about?
Versapak began by supplying the Royal Mail with mailing bags in 1973. Indeed many companies may still have at their offices two small bags for first and second class mail at their premises. As the concept of a durable, reusable, secure bag grew the applications extended to; cash handling (think of how retailers move coins and notes from the cash till to the finance department) and medical (Versapak bags are used to secure; blood, vaccines, pathology samples etc. etc.).

In the 1980’s Versapak moved into the manufacture and supply of sports doping test equipment and have supplied many major sporting events including the Commonwealth games.

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