David Hulston

Managing Director

David Hulston Associates

David Hulston is a seasoned Angel Investor, experienced Non-Executive Director, business mentor and technology strategist.  He is Co-Founder and Investor Director of Indycube Ventures, and Chair of Indycube Community, the cooperative-owned union of independent workers.

An accountant and an intellectual property industry veteran, David has more than 30 years international business experience. He has carried out finance and management roles in Australia, the U.K., South East Asia, USA, Japan and South Korea.

In 1998, David was a founder-director of a £3.3 million Management Buy-out from EMI plc. In 2000, this business was floated on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of £330 million. He founded and developed QED Intellectual Property, an intellectual property licensing and management service business with offices in the UK, Japan and the USA.

David is a supporter of the startup communities in Wales and Australia, dividing his time between both locations. In December 2014, David was the Lord Mayor’s Visiting Entrepreneur in Brisbane, Australia. He is a Fellow of the RSA, an early member of the Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management and regular speaker at technology conferences and judge at pitching contests.