John Mark Williams

Founder and CEO

Gosforth & Co.

John Williams is an experienced non-exec Director, and Founder & CEO of Gosforth & Co. He is a problem solver and strategist, partnering with C-Suite executives and business owners to help grow business performance. With years of experience in international trade & investment, leadership development and performance management across Middle East, Far East, Europe, UK and North America, John has met many of the barriers all businesses face.

John knows that performance is driven by innovation, and his mantra is simple – ‘Innovation is a function of ideas – ideas are a function of connections’. How well we connect with people, opportunities, finance and ideas determines the success of our business. John has appeared on radio and TV both UK and overseas, and has been published in Huffington Post, City AM, Entrepreneur Country Online, Overseas Trade Magazine and others.

Underpinning many years of executive mentoring, coaching and business writing, John holds an MBA from the University of Northumbria, and has been a guest lecturer in Strategy and International Business at universities in the UK and Europe for over two decades. He is qualified as a sports psychologist and sports massage therapist, and his interests outside work include running, cycling, recreational writing and coaching reluctant marathon runners.

John is deeply curious about emergent strategy, predictive analytics, punctuated equilibrium and other baffling business things – he is fascinated by the prospects for artificial intelligence and the future of work