Philip Bouverat



Multi-disciplined executive with a broad range of international market entry experience including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and listings.  Having travelled extensively on a global basis, he has dealt with numerous hands-on international trade and finance scenarios, specializing in infrastructure solutions.  A passion for British manufactured products and International trade has placed him in a valued position by successive Governments, participating on vital trade missions with Prime Ministers and Ministers, to numerous countries over the last twenty years.

Philip joined JCB in 2002 to bring the Chinese market into JCB’s global strategy. Currently based in London covering international diplomatic liaison, with particular emphasis on India and Global account relations; including Business Development and strategy approach to HVO’s. He is a Director of the UK India Business Council, China-Britain Business Council, and Chairs The Infrastructure Group. He is a founder member of the UK Gov Asia Task Force and now sits on the ASEAN Council, and on the Advisory Council of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council. Serves on the Jordanian Task force and JETCO for India and Brazil.