Roy Newey


Growth Partnership

I set up and ran my own business at the age of 22 years, winning media awards for the individual businesses and Granda TV Entrepreneur Award. Led Merseyside TEC as Deputy CEO and Operations Director responsible for £100m annual investment and 550 staff for seven years. Since 1999 I have worked as Chairman, Non Exec and Consultant to growth companies in both the public and private sector. I have led a company from 1999 with £3m turnover to £180m in 2015 when I sold my shareholding. Since 2004 I have worked 22 days per month outside the UK to deliver consultancy in 85 countries, and open 25 businesses in 15 countries around the world. I have delivered keynote speeches in 85 countries and supported ministers from the UK, India, Pakistan, Australia, USA on more than 30 ministerial visits to foreign countries. I am currently chairman of 7 companies and non exec of a further 5 companies across both public, private and charitable sectors. I have been an elected councillor, a Samaritan volunteer for 12 years and deeply involved in community issues including chair of my children’s school for 7 years.

As a business growth consultant for the last 16 years I have worked with companies to enable them to stretch, achieve shareholder aspirations for growth and possible exit. Meeting the senior team, understanding the vision from shareholders, conceptualising the sector/markets and thoroughly analysing the company finances is a critical first stage. Working with the executive to produce the growth plan, finding new opportunities, securing resources and then making growth happen through determined focused energy is my trade. I am inspired by the chance to work with teams to make a difference.