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CommonwealthFirst is CWEIC's flagship initiative to help SME’s trade and invest across the Commonwealth.

Over three years, 100 leading UK SMEs have been selected to become CommonwealthFirst Export Champions. Export Champions are provided with unique access and support in their quest to win new business in the fast growing Commonwealth markets. Their success will be showcased as an encouragement to the wider UK business community.

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Capture Mobility

Capture mobility aims to develop innovative green energy products. The most high profile to date is a hybrid, micro wind turbine designed to be placed next to roads and railways so that it can recycle some of the energy generated by the turbulence of passing vehicles. Able to harness both solar and wind energy, the turbine’s power can then be used to fuel local grids.

One turbine is able to generate 300 watts per hour and at the same time can capture the carbon particles (PM10 and PM2.5) with integrated filtering sheets inside the fins of turbine. These hazardous particles contribute directly to cancer and asthma for thousands of people a year.

Whilst currently only operating on a small scale, the potential for the company to grow is clearly vast. With nearly 2 billion cars currently on the world’s roads and that figure showing no signs of declining, this is a product that could have a very big future.

Capture Mobility is already a winner of the UK Trade and Investment’s Sirius programme. They are also the high growth potential SME of the Scottish Enterprise and recently have been selected by Shell to be amongst six companies with whom shell will partner on different energy projects throughout the world.

CommonwealthFirst will help Capture Mobility to realise some of their huge potential with early target markets including Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia and Australia apart from UK.