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CommonwealthFirst is CWEIC's flagship initiative to help SME’s trade and invest across the Commonwealth.

Over three years, 100 leading UK SMEs have been selected to become CommonwealthFirst Export Champions. Export Champions are provided with unique access and support in their quest to win new business in the fast growing Commonwealth markets. Their success will be showcased as an encouragement to the wider UK business community.

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Desolenator is an award-winning, patented technology, that uses 100% solar power to distill seawater, as well as contaminated or brackish water into clean drinking water.

The organisation is determined to tackle the global drinking water crisis through making undrinkable water sources drinkable, in a sustainable way. The distributed, integrated solution is available in both consumer and corporation-ready sizes (providing up to 10,000 litres/ day), and will make millions of people water independent.

Unlike fuel and filter-dependent systems such as Reverse Osmosis, Desolenator’s uniqueness lies in its simplicity and sustainability: it uses only solar power to operate, and thus eliminated the need for all filters and plastic waste. The off-grid solution is also ideal for remote living and disaster relief.

Desolenator is also able to purify water types that other products cannot; including water with heavy contaminants like lead and arsenic, seawater which has a complex combination of particulates, and water with high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

By eliminating nearly all operating costs, the technology produces water at a lower cost per litre than many existing solutions, over its 15 year lifespan.

Its commercial potential has been validated through over $100,000 of units pre-sold, particularly in the USA. Our scaling potential is huge - anywhere with sufficient solar irradiation and a water source.

Desolenator is therefore perfectly placed to help Commonwealth Markets suffering from acute water stress, including key regions such as India and Sub-Saharan Africa. Providing sustainable access to clean water is the first step in ensuring other Sustainable Development Goals, such as education and poverty relief, can materialise.