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CommonwealthFirst is CWEIC's flagship initiative to help SME’s trade and invest across the Commonwealth.

Over three years, 100 leading UK SMEs have been selected to become CommonwealthFirst Export Champions. Export Champions are provided with unique access and support in their quest to win new business in the fast growing Commonwealth markets. Their success will be showcased as an encouragement to the wider UK business community.

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Senergy Innovations

Senergy Innovations is a company that designs and manufactures SMART
Solar Thermal Panels, that unlike other solar panels which are made from
glass, copper and aluminium, are manufactured using advanced
nanocomposite plastics. Senergy Innovation’s Solar Thermal panels can
easily integrate with both the construction architecture and the digital
architecture of buildings to deliver reliable, affordable and emission free
solar water heating and cooling.
Unique in their design and benefiting from advanced polymer materials
that provide an aesthetic design, enhanced thermal performance and
mechanical strength, Senergy panels are also 50% less expensive to
manufacture and install than any thermal panels that currently exist.
Senergy is therefore at the forefront of addressing the challenges that
inhibit the further roll out of such renewable forms of energy.
Solar Thermal is a renewable heat energy that is 70% efficient, produces
the lowest carbon emissions and is easily generated on site and has the
most potential to become the main secure source for our future hot
water and space heating supply.
Industry experts predict that the solar thermal panel market will grow to
£140 billion in Europe alone by 2025 along with emerging markets also
presenting market opportunity. Africa alone has a National Energy plan
with a target of 1.75 million solar thermal installations by 2019.
Commonwealth First will therefore work with Senergy Innovations to
help expand into growing markets and meet demand for renewable sources of energy.