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CommonwealthFirst is CWEIC's flagship initiative to help SME’s trade and invest across the Commonwealth.

Over three years, 100 leading UK SMEs have been selected to become CommonwealthFirst Export Champions. Export Champions are provided with unique access and support in their quest to win new business in the fast growing Commonwealth markets. Their success will be showcased as an encouragement to the wider UK business community.

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Talley Group

Founded in 1953, Talley Group Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of Medical Devices including pressure relieving mattress products, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) systems and intermittent pneumatic compression therapy systems for DVT prevention. The quality and reliability of their products has given them a global customer base which is well supported by their technical department and dedicated international team.

Hospital Acquired Pressure Sores are a global phenomenon and with an ageing population, there will be an increasing requirement for these product types in the future. Talley’s products are clinically proven to prevent and relieve pressure related injuries when adopted as part of a care bundle and in many international markets are amongst the leading products used.

Deep Vein Thrombosis is another avoidable harm or ‘never event’ which can occur amongst certain patient groups. DVTs can lead to Pulmonary Embolisms which are a significant cause of death globally. Used post-operatively, and while the patient is immobile, Talley’s intermittent pneumatic compression devices and garments prevent DVTs from forming.

NPWT – Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is recognised to contribute to healing many hard to heal and complex wounds in a variety of clinical settings. Talley has a wealth of experience in this field.

Lastly, Talley promotes the use of TECcare antimicrobial technology which offers an innovative, safe and incredibly effective range of products for infection prevention which can be used in diverse fields including the hospital environment.

CommonwealthFirst looks forward to supporting Talley Group identify new distribution channels and network with likeminded businesses in markets including Africa, Australia, Canada and Malaysia.